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Doane’s Falls – Royalston MA

Today I went to a town I have never heard of – Royalston – and enjoyed a brief but very enjoyable jaunt through the woods in order to see Doane’s Falls. Who knew I lived so close to waterfalls!

The GPS had noooo idea what was being asked of it so it took a while to get to the right location. In fact there was a lot of weaving through little rural roads past historic homes and cemeteries. I can’t say I was displeased with the Leaf Peeper’s Route to Nowhere.

Upon arriving there’s a little gravel parking lot off the road and curiosity got the better of me. Instead of waiting to see the water’s edge after going down the trail I decided instead to skip up to the fence keeping everyone away from it at the edge of the parking lot. I wasn’t disappointed! What a view! A gorgeous stone bridge spanned the water and would have been totally missed if I just walked on!

I must admit I was feeling a bit spry today and didn’t feel much like abiding to rules. I wandered off the path at numerous points and climbed down the rocks, past the signs that explicitly told me not to… You only live once right? Though I don’t condone this brazen behavior I must admit I don’t regret it… not one bit. Oh the photos!

The path was short and sweet and a very easy hike. Nothing scary here. I will very much recommend this to anyone of any experience level.

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