Hiking Trail

Betsy Fosket Wildlife Preserve/Trail Rindge NH

The Betsy Fosket Wildlife Sanctuary is a nature area and trail that starts at the end of Emerson Lane. You have to walk half-way up someone’s driveway (which is a twelve foot right of way) and you’ll find the entrance to the trail on the right where there’s a mailbox and a bunch of signs. It is mostly used as a preserve and breeding ground for various wild birds but the trail through it makes for a nice low-impact walk of 0.6 miles.

I walked this trail a lot when I was just a little thing, before a house got built right next to the trail’s beginning (which seems to scare most people away these days.) It’s a nice winding woodsy path that allows you a decent view of Crowcroft pond. It’s more damp than most trails I have been on but it’s nice in how few people use it – you’re not likely to bump into anyone else here. It’s been a favored spot for much contemplation over the years and if you’d like a longer hike this trail attaches to the Old Wood’s Road (follow the red markers when you see them!)

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UPDATE: I have returned to the Betsey Foskett Preserve many times, mostly for the scenery and the exercise but sometimes my creative spirit needs more. Today, 5/30/2017, I headed out into the woods with an assortment of seemingly random props – a purple crystal goblet from my kitchen, a sack of marbles, a broach, and two crystal balls which were gifted to me with a smile and a wink during one of my gender bending escapades. My friend looked me up and down dressed in full regalia as The Goblin King, and said, “Well you got the c*** part down [with a codpiece] Now you just need some balls.” And with that anecdote I have completely ruined A VERY PRETTY PICTURE.


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