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Chesterfield Gorge – Chesterfield NH


This was another gem just a stone’s throw from Madame Sherri’s. In fact if I knew how great this place was I would have visited the castle and then did my hiking here! GORGEOUS! I had no idea New England had so many picturesque little water falls. I had a lot of fun taking normal photos and even more fun putting weird hazes and tints on the camera to make it seem even more whimsical. I know – only a certain crowd appreciates photos that look like they were taken by a broken camera from the 1970’s…

It was the perfect day to go out – sun shining but not too warm, not a May fly in sight. This trail was super easy to find right off the highway, had ample parking, and was in no way hidden. In fact there was a welcome station and shop, a donation box, and a bulletin board. This was an easy going and short walk that didn’t disappoint! The perfect little place to lollygag a hot summer day away. Climbing farther down into the gorge the views went from beautiful to stunning. And the people! So sweet! I took a photo for a passing family of tourists and talked for a while to the care takers who asked if everything was up to par. Most certainly! This place was pristine! And the photos I took with the marbles came out absolutely adorable. I think they are my favorite so far. I am thinking of starting to leave a business card with them… or perhaps even a fairy house or two. I really like the community involvement. It’s like passing on the joy from person to person. Afterwards I even stopped to help an old woman pick up a can she dropped as her arms were beyond full. It’s these little kindnesses that can really pick up a complete stranger’s spirit and I hope I can leave little happy footprints where ever I go. I also left a marble for “Joe,” as I couldn’t help but laugh at his graffiti. Will he ever know? Probably not but it’s a damn cute picture.

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I returned to the Chesterfield Gorge on 5/23 with my mother and a friend. Took a few more snaps… mostly with filters because why not.

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