Hiking Trail · Massachusetts

Fairy Village – Gardner MA

Today was a fun day. It’s always super interesting to see how my travels effect people. I have been so happy to hear how excited people are to see my photos, read this blog, and take a day trip of their own, but sometimes inspiration goes beyond that. This time around it was an idea hatched in a friend’s mind – why not leave fairy villages on these hikes? So several people made houses, got together, and placed them on the Wellness Trail heading up to the hospital. It’s a tiny trail, probably not even on any maps, but the hopes were to place this little bit of whimsy somewhere to be enjoyed but not populace enough to get immediately stolen or ruined. This was the results – three sweet little fairy houses and a fourth from a darkly humored friend who placed it behind a tree stump away from the others because she said it looked like it belonged to a reclusive serial killer fairy and that’s just where reclusive serial killer fairies belong. Can’t argue there. Will people enjoy this little set up? Will they add to it? Will they wonder who made it? We’re conspiring to start a much larger network of fairy house makers and spread these little surprise villages throughout New England… could be fun! Let me know if you’d like to join in!

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