A Moment to Reflect on Murphy’s Law Before Leaving

After coming home form the Humanwine and Jason Webley concert I went to fix myself a bite to eat, plugging in the mobile to charge as I did so. Not a few minutes later my dog Pepper tripped over the cord and sent the phone flying. I heard it smack the concrete and slide but hadn’t a clue where it had went. Twenty minutes and three sets of eyes later the phone was nowhere to be found. It had apparently evaporated into thin air. It was under nothing, in nothing, just flat out disappeared. We searched for forty five minutes together, tore apart my room, took out all the furniture and stuff, before finding out that after my dog tripped over the cord she kicked it a few times and it ping ponged across the floor ricocheting a few sharp turns before ending out flying into another room entirely and lodging under a cage. It was 1 or 2 AM, nobody was particularly amused by the timing of all this. Tired we all went to bed hoping this was not an omen.

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