Farmers Markets

Farmer’s Market – Philadelphia PA

From the Rodin Museum we walked back to the subway and found ourselves at the Farmer’s Market. Oh it was lovely! I wish there were a Farmer’s Market that big back home… there was fresh everything… fresh fruits and veggies, fresh baked goods, a very expensive chocolate place with chocolate rats and anatomically correct hearts, and we even stopped to get a freshly made fruit smoothie which was really good. The only disappointment was the fact their Dutch Dinner Corner (or whatever it was called) wasn’t in any way actually Dutch, just as well they were closed.

I parted with Katherine after this. She gave me instructions how to take the subway back to the car and I gave her a sculpture of a bat, her favorite animal, I had made for her shortly before I left. I felt I should offer a gift as she was so helpful in taking us around and showing us the neat little nooks of Philly.

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