Niagra Falls – American Side

I decided at quite a late point that I should check out Niagara Falls. The only thing was that I did not have a passport to see the Canadian, AKA, the cool side of the falls, and I had very very little money left anyway. So I decided to check out the American Falls which are for all intent and purposes free. Parking was not free however, until I wandered 500 feet down the road and found a free two hour parking spot. It was yet another ungodly muggy day and I had yet to realize that it’d be quite a hike to see the falls.

I walked, dripping in sweat and dying for a bottle of water I hadn’t brought with me. When I finally got there I was treated with a profile view of the falls, different from the head on view you’d see in Canada but no less impressive. I stayed in its cool refreshing mist for quite awhile before heading back.

I stopped again at the little river leading into the falls and over the much bigger river doing the same. I leaned over the bridge to see. Trolleys were everywhere going to the falls but suspiciously I didn’t see any of them come back.

I bought a cold drink ($2 a can) when I came back and a magnet. Everything here was pricey as you could imagine. A number of ice cream and drink stands along the way did not have their prices listed at all, leading me to suspect they were charging $5 for ice or something similarly insane. All and all it was a nice little walk. I got back before my two hours were up and the frosty Canadian Dry Ginger Ale was the best I’d ever had.

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