Pat’s & Gino’s – Philadelphia PA

Since I was in PA I was given the option to eat the most famous food of Philly, the cheese steak. Now I have a sharp aversion to beef… it smells bad and has a horrible texture but I couldn’t really say no to this new experience. Katherine brought us to Pat’s, one of the two places most known for cheese steaks in the city, the other place is directly across the street, Ginos I think it was called…

“Why are you so set on Pat’s?” I asked Katherine.
“Because the people who run Gino’s are racist xenophobic douche bags who have posters reading, ‘Welcome to America! Now learn English.’ They just don’t get it. Plus Pat’s are the originals.” I laughed at this sudden outburst and agreed. Funny enough Pat’s looks like a very average side-of-the-road food stop whereas their competitors, literally close enough to throw a rock at, were glitzed out like no one’s business. They looked shiny and new, brightly colored like a damn peacock. “COME SEE ME!! OVER HERE!” I could see why Katherine objected so strongly… they looked a bit on the obnoxious side…

But anyways, I ate a “cheese steak, without, American.” [regular cheese steak, no onions, American cheese.] I also ordered cheese fries and a drink as I was dying of thirst. In any event the cheese steak itself wasn’t bad. It didn’t taste like cow, nor did it have a particularly grisly or detestable texture. I don’t know if I was just starving or if I’d just stumbled upon an ill-kept secret but it was actually good!

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