Sturgis Montana

Sturgis was completely unplanned. We just happened to be nearby so we stopped to check it out for a bathroom break. I knew it was the location of the notorious Sturgis Bike Rallies and some of the history of that but that was really all… If I had known we were stopping in today I might not have chosen to wear full hippie regalia, tie-dye Haight-Ashbury T-shirt included. A bunch of old people in the packed McDonald’s gave me a look that could kill. I proceeded to the bathroom anyway. Ruud followed saying, “Good point, straight to the bathroom. I don’t like this place.”

We stopped at a little gift store to get a couple post cards. Just because Sturgis wasn’t really my thing didn’t mean I didn’t know someone who wouldn’t appreciate it. This place was filled with the usual biker stuff, the slutty t-shirts, the angry little jacket patches, lots of Harley Davidson memorabilia and skulls, nothing I hadn’t seen before. I chose my postcards and paid at the counter which was being tended by a young heavily pierced and tattood woman who actually knew how to smile. I liked her. We left after this.

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