Wisconsin Cheese Shop

As I was driving through Wisconsin it was decided that the local cheese must be tried. So at one point I woke up from a nap to see a bizarre little main street in all sorts of weird and tacky colors, half the business titles in some language I didn’t recognize. “Where the hell are we?!” I felt like I woke up in a parallel universe. As it turns out I was in Little Norway in its own way. The staff at the grocery store… were speaking Norse… and they didn’t have any cheese specifically labeled Wisconsin so I left. Somewhere down the road I found a place, a little cheese shop/gift store. There I was allowed to try every cheese imaginable. I picked favorites, including a 13 year old cheese that was amazing.  Their Gruyere cheddar mix was really really good… I left with a block of chipotle cheese. I don’t like the feeling of my mouth and throat shooting flames but others do and it’s a nice thing to share. This cheese I thought would be OK because it was nice and creamy. I was wrong… instead of eating it in a sandwich I sat in the car taking one bite of cheese and then one bite of bread to calm down my angry mouth. It was kind of funny. I also ate some frozen custard. I also came out of that place with the cutest damn magnet – a mouse eating its way through cheese and I had to restrain myself so I wouldn’t buy a rack full of postcards displaying cute cow photos. I love cows… but I can’t say anyone back home would be impressed to see I was in Wisconsin.. I mean Wisconsin… Really?

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