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Playing Under a Random Bridge – Townsend MA

So today I was supposed to go to a couple farms to take photos of horses and livestock but it rained all day, everywhere. Still after having a migraine for three days and being unable to move or look into any kind of light, I was crawling out of my skin to go somewhere. I thought it might be fun to re-visit Trap Falls in Ashby, this time with props. I thought with it being raining no one would be there to witness my… creative outburst.

I was wrong. Apparently it wasn’t raining hard enough. I drove by Trap Falls three times, circling it like a vulture over the course of an hour while exploring the local roads near it, and there were people there each time. In fact one of them I think was there with each drive by, staring at my recognizable car and wondering what was wrong with me. Oh nothing, I just didn’t have the gumption to throw a gargoyle under my arm and head into the woods with the grin of a Cheshire cat. I’m eccentric but not that ballsy. Yet.

Still I found a little bridge just across the Townsend town line which wasn’t that far up the road. It had a turn off with some picnic tables so I figured why not check it out. What I found was so much more perfect than taking my gargoyle for a walk in front of a waterfall. It was a stone bridge that looked so castle-y I nearly bounced with the idea of whimsy. Today I had come prepared, not just with my garden statue, but with a whole knapsack full of totally random objects I kidnapped from the house. My intention today wasn’t so much to explore as it was to play. I don’t know what I am doing with my whimsy shots just yet but I am keeping them under my belt, just in case I need them for something, and in the meantime I am really enjoying taking them!

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