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Artist’s Covered Bridge – Bethel Maine

While I was driving to Screw Auger Falls I came across a sign reading “covered bridge” that I decided to follow for a fun little detour. It brought me deep into the woods to a beautiful bridge that is either called The Sunday River Bridge or the Artist’s Covered Bridge depending who you ask, although don’t expect it be marked, as there were no plaques or any other identifying features on the ground here and I had to look this up after leaving. I parked the car and took a series of shots as I stretched my legs from the long car ride. It was rather wide for a covered bridge and still terribly beautiful. A teenager swam underneath it in the river – apparently a local swimming hole. Legend says it’s nicknamed the artist’s bridge either because it was favored by a local artist or because it’s inherent beauty. This proved a wonderful photographic detour, definitely worth seeing if you’re in the area.

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