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Fort Edgecomb – Edgecomb Maine


For this trip I had brought my mother and her friend up to Maine so we could attempt the Waterfall Tour but things didn’t really go as planned. For one my GPS thought it’d be hilarious bring me two hours out of my way and dump me in Booth Bay. Booth Bay?! This was the coast not the little bit of Maine nestled between NH and Canada which is where we were supposed to be! This place was buzzing. Tourists everywhere. There was a beach but it was $7 parking, I didn’t know what kind of a beach it was, and we were all way over dressed for sun bathing as we were expecting to hike into the woods! We had driven for an hour and a half to get there and it’d be another two hours to get back to the beginning of the waterfall tour but we still had plenty of time to do so, so why not? I turned the car around and headed back in the same damn direction I came from!

We had passed signs for a fort and figured it might be worth checking out since we were here anyway. It turned out to be Fort Edgecomb, a big round wooden fort that was apparently a strategic point during the War of 1812. So here was a weird relic from a time when we were fighting with the British… Sadly it was boarded up so we couldn’t peer inside but the surrounding grounds were nicely manicured and provided a nice taste of the ocean – at least Maine’s ocean which is surrounded by jagged rocks which have their own untouchable beauty. I was having fun still learning my new used camera.

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