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Madawaska Bog – Palmyra Maine

When I heard a friend of mine would be visiting Maine from overseas I decided to head up there and spend a little time. I had a few things I wanted to get done up there (including doing a photoshoot of a deer farm) so I headed up a few days early.

Sadly I wasn’t in the best of condition so I didn’t get nearly as much as I would have liked to done – but I did at one point stop at a boat launching site in Stetson and the Madawaska Bog in Palmyra to take a few nature shots. I had passed by the bog many times but never stopped to see what it was. Well!

I drove in, parked, took out my camera and ambled up to a sweet little bridge overlooking the bog (which is another word for wetland or swamp) and two drainage tunnels. There was a trail at the end of the bridge but it was almost completely overgrown with vegetation. Did I dare? Eh, I had already taken an adventure earlier when my GPS decided to take the Prius off-roading. THANKS A LOT GPS! I decided trying this path couldn’t be any worse than that… so off I went… alone into the woods once again.

The plant life here was crazy. It was like walking into a rain forest. Everything was wet and covered in moss which made it look a bit magical to me… well, except for that one discarded condom (unopened!) and an empty can of beer. Guess whatever chicka ended up here didn’t agree with her loser boyfriend that a bog was the most romantic place ever to shag. Go figure! Also to this same admirable young lady, if you’re reading this – sweetie, you can do better!

The path abruptly stopped about 250 feet in. This was just as well because a recently shredded tree suggested that there was either a moose or bear around… My curiosity satiated I left.

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