Ashuelot Covered Bridge – Ashluelot NH

I had meant to go to two covered bridges today but being as I got out of the house rather late and kept finding happy detours it was getting dark… still, I had time for one more little excursion. I hadn’t visited Ashuelot before and I was delighted to find it’s this adorable little historic town with one of the most charming covered bridges I have ever come across. I parked aside the road and marveled at the fact it had not one but TWO pedestrian pathways over the bridge. The river below gurgled and churned and blocked out all noise from the traffic surrounding it. There was something so unbelievably peaceful and fun about this particular bridge even though it seemed to be situated near a lot of activity. A sign on the front even advertised “Dinner on the Covered Bridge!” some sort of quaint annual event.

I felt so happy here! I can’t even tell you why. It’s not like I haven’t seen a lot of other covered bridges – I’d even been to a few I’d consider more beautiful and plenty that were more remote but this bridge? It had such a nice vibe! It made me instantly¬†so happy.¬†I could have stayed there until dark if I didn’t have one more errand to run. There appeared to be lights on the bridge too so I am guessing it might be lit up at night. What a wonderful find! Funny enough my mother had been to this bridge a number of years ago, by accident, while she was going through some very negative things in her life and she reported the same feeling of ease and joy. Very interesting! I took some good marble photos too! And hey if you find yourself here check out the other bridges nearby!

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