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Observatory at Fort Knox – Prospect Maine

DSC_0637There is an observatory at the top of the bridge overlooking Fort Knox and if you buy a ticket you can go up the elevator and enter a glass room that overlooks the whole area. I highly suggest doing this if you’re visiting Fort Knox anyway or if you’d just like to go up and see the view. I didn’t know what to expect, in fact when they said “observatory” I thought it was for stars and whatnot. I sheepishly didn’t ask what they were observing!

I parked the car and entered the building where I waited in line and was escorted into a tiny elevator with seven other people, complete strangers, to ride the elevator for a good fifty seconds or so. That was plenty enough time for awkward conversation. I was the only one alone in the group and only one of two that was young. I didn’t look the young man in the eye. He was probably 18 or 20, with his family, and I decided to be kind by not inciting familial embarrassment. Everyone thinks I am a college student these days because of my baby face. Best not to indulge in any cradle snatching ‘least I earn the nickname Mrs. Robinson. Cough cough. 

DSC_0674Everyone exchanged pleasantries and talked about vertigo and trees. Then they turned to me and addressed the elephant in the room – my flaming orange hair. I was suddenly flooded with compliments and told I was “brave.” I laughed and smiled. I think I will keep my hair this color. I got probably ten comments on it from strangers that day. I think it’s a delightful ice breaker. Finally the elevator dinged and we all got out, climbed a few stairs, and voila! We’re in a fish tank at the top of the world! Or so it felt.

I knew I was supposed to go here. In another serendipitous event I had finally found my fall foliage and what a view!! Totally worth the two bucks….

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