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Way Too Eventful Covered Bridge Tour -Swanzey NH

Apparently New Hampshire is LOADED with covered bridges - forty-three are registered as historical landmarks and when I found out Swanzey had three all to itself I decided why not go on a day tour and see all three... Sounded like a pleasant little trip and the weather was nice. I got up early just… Continue reading Way Too Eventful Covered Bridge Tour -Swanzey NH

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Artist’s Covered Bridge – Bethel Maine

While I was driving to Screw Auger Falls I came across a sign reading "covered bridge" that I decided to follow for a fun little detour. It brought me deep into the woods to a beautiful bridge that is either called The Sunday River Bridge or the Artist's Covered Bridge depending who you ask, although… Continue reading Artist’s Covered Bridge – Bethel Maine

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Fort Edgecomb – Edgecomb Maine

For this trip I had brought my mother and her friend up to Maine so we could attempt the Waterfall Tour but things didn't really go as planned. For one my GPS thought it'd be hilarious bring me two hours out of my way and dump me in Booth Bay. Booth Bay?! This was the coast… Continue reading Fort Edgecomb – Edgecomb Maine