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More Whimsy as I get Lost in the Woods Again – Rindge NH

This entry is a little different than most. It's not an advertisement for some great place to go it's more just a story about getting lost in the woods and finding myself both physically, and perhaps more metaphorically as well,  through only the most ridiculous of means. I must admit I haven't been taking the greatest care of… Continue reading More Whimsy as I get Lost in the Woods Again – Rindge NH

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Snow Falls – West Paris Maine

So after taking that little detour to Fort Edgecomb I continued driving to my actual destination - Snow Falls in West Paris Maine. The funny thing about waterfalls, hiking trails, covered bridges, and other fun roadside attractions is that they don't have an actual address. I had no idea how hard this one was going… Continue reading Snow Falls – West Paris Maine

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Fort Edgecomb – Edgecomb Maine

For this trip I had brought my mother and her friend up to Maine so we could attempt the Waterfall Tour but things didn't really go as planned. For one my GPS thought it'd be hilarious bring me two hours out of my way and dump me in Booth Bay. Booth Bay?! This was the coast… Continue reading Fort Edgecomb – Edgecomb Maine