Cathedral of the Pines -Stearns-Upton Family Trail East Branch- Rindge NH

I suppose it’s a bit like the prodigal son returning when I decided to make my first blog entry about my home town. Despite having lived the vast majority of my life here and within walking distance of this place I must shamefully admit I didn’t know what was in my own back yard…

The Cathedral of the Pines is a strange place – it’s a collection of monuments and outdoor spots of worship. It’s popular for weddings with a beautiful view of Mount Monadknock in the background. Even my mother considered getting married here – until they told her they would not marry gays. My mother was marrying a man so what this had to do with her is beyond me – but you can’t help but love a woman with high moral values!

Beyond the monuments and all the pomp and splendor there are a few trails that can be hiked and I was keen on taking a look for myself. On this day I decided to try the Stearns-Upton Family Trail East Branch.

It’s a relatively short trail, downhill through the woods, to a familiar spot – Grassy Pond. Grassy Pond is a small pond which is surrounded almost entirely by woods which makes it a very popular spot for swimmers, kayakers, hikers, and other nature lovers. I must say it did make my heart sing to hear the “peepers” [frogs] down below.

The trail was somewhat muddy at this time of year but was pretty enough for me not to care. It was so New England with many stone walls scattered throughout the scenery. And the pond, as usual, was just wonderful to see. This felt very Cathartic, like coming home, and I think put me in the right mood to start this new chapter of my life.

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