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Trap falls – Ashby MA


You know what’s funny about people? How oblivious they are and I am no exception! For years I lived in New England completely ignorant of the little gems I was driving by each and every day. Now it’s as if my eyes have been opened because now I pay attention to every roadside sign that I come across, noting in my mind if I can’t check it out right then and there. Today’s little find was Trap Falls in Ashby MA.

I thought it might be a hiking trail to a waterfall so I dressed appropriately in a T-shirt and jeans, carrying my trusty camera. There were a few people parked here, a couple in the parking lot looking at me suspiciously, I didn’t know why. I smiled, nodded, and went on my way like I owned the place. I find this is the best way to deal with strange looks.

Maybe one hundred feet into the woods there was a building that looked like a changing station and just beyond that there was a beautiful little waterfall where small children were splashing about and giggling. I was a little hesitant to crash this party seeing as I am childless and alone, but the man sitting there and watching his kids was super friendly. he said hello and told me all about how this has been his favorite swimming hole since he stumbled on it some fifty years ago. Now he had brought all seven of his children here, some grown, others still young. I found this whole story doubly intriguing considering this guy had a thick Southern drawl.

I stood on the little bridge overlooking the waterfall and watched the children scamper about in their bathing suits, squealing with joy as they splashed in a little basin just in front of the waterfall and behind some rocks. It wasn’t a big area and wouldn’t keep any adults occupied but it was perfect for kids and I sighed as I watched them for a few minutes – so full of joy, so full of life. It’s a refreshing change for me. After I snapped a few photos I meandered onwards – to the next adventure!

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