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Church’s Field Trail – Rochester MA

First off – I had an amazing day photographing all sorts of critters for Clover Creek Farm in OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARochester MA. It was well worth the two hour drive! And I was already glowing when I got back into the car and decided to go on another adventure. I had driven by Fall Rivers to get here so I decided on my way back I’d swing by and see if I could get a photo of the Lizzie Borden house. I’ve been by it before (though I couldn’t tell you why) and I figured it was possibly interesting enough to merit a blog entry so off I went… but while I was still driving through Rochester I saw a tiny sign aside the road and a three car parking lot promising there was a trail nearby so I stopped on a little detour…

I had ended up in the Church Fields Trail in Rochester OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMassachusetts. Upon getting out of my car all I could see was a field. Where was the path?? I might not have figured this out if it weren’t for a guy coming up it, across the field, with his adorable boxer puppy. After the usual greetings of, “Hey! Another living soul knows about this place!” I was on my way. It’d been a long time since I had trekked across a grown field. This is a fun activity if you’re a kid but slightly terrifying if you’re an adult as it’s very disorienting and probably absolutely infested with ticks. Still, this path was worn enough I knew I wasn’t going to get lost in the proverbial cornfields.

There was a sign at the actual entrance though it didn’t inform me of much. I walked by and into the woods where immediately my  breath was taken away. This place was magical. Though the path was wide and well groomed the vegetation around it was wild and untamed. This was a dense forest for sure! I bounced a bit as I walked because I almost felt as if I was on a quest for King Arthur. The only thing that would have made this better would have been a horse to ride and I guess I am not the only one to think so as hoof-prints were clearly visible in the mud. I delighted in taking photos of every gnarled fallen down tree before continuing onward. This path started to break off into other paths and with every Y I became a little more confused. Nothing was marked, at all, but I figured as long as I could remember which way I had come I’d be OK. I left a few breadcrumbs just in case. And then I came across something wonderful. Here in the middle of this OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAenchanted forest was a row of rustic benches overlooking what I think was the entrance to Avalon. It was a sandy-bottomed river, very odd in New England, that had ice tea colored water that got darker as it got deeper until all you could see was the dancing reflections of trees on pitch black water. Immediately I hopped down the shore and splashed about like a small child. It was over eighty degrees out and my hands were greasy from petting a stallion a few minutes before. This little wash-up was perfect!  And it was QUIET out here. Despite being very close to a busy roadway you couldn’t hear a single car going by or any people, just the occasional birdsong. This place was absolutely enchanting. I wanted to build a hobbit home on the other embankment and stay here forever. Since I couldn’t do that I instead took out some marbles and started snapping a few photos. I must have been playing out there for quite some time before I decided to make my way back – something I managed to do by remembering various rocks and trees. I also found an adorable mushroom along the way! By the time I got back to the car I felt refreshed enough for the two and a half hours of driving ahead of me (and no.. I never did manage to take a photo of the Lizzie Borden house although I did drive by. Traffic today was utterly insane!)

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