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Progress Continues on Daisy the Catching Marbles Art Car…

I haven’t driven Daisy much lately. She’s in need of a few repairs I am saving up for so I have been only using her for local errands while borrowing other cars to go on my adventures. This is slightly distressing. I love Daisy! But today I took her all the way to Keene and had a hilarious few moments with her. People stopped to check her out, take photos, call people to tell them what a fun art car they found in the parking lot, and later when I was driving I got a big dump trunk happily honking at me and a teenage girl giggling excitedly as she saw me drive up to the intersection. So I decided tonight I was going to go back to work on getting her fully covered in Sharpie tattoos… She deserves it, and I love how she can make people laugh and smile. So here’s showing Daisy some love! She’s got a new trunk tatt!

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